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The Finest New Zealand Brass and Woodwind Specialists

We believe music is art; a creative process accessible to all.
Acoustic instruments are the truest form of that expression.
When an artist finds their voice, and maintains it to a high standard, magic can happen.
We are dedicated to that process.

Woodwind and Brass Servicing

Woodwind and Brass Servicing

We house state of the art repair tooling and consumables.

From ultrasonic cleaning to magnetic dent removal to staubinger flute padding we do it all and bring to your musical instrument the newest technologies around.

Dont settle for less and be pleasantly surprised by the price.

Woodwind and Brass Sales

Our sales process is directly linked to our knowledge and expertise as technicians and musicians.

This expertise is evident in the products available and the quality of advice supporting the sale.

We offer a personal service, expert support and independence rarely found in the industry.

Auckland and Wellington Locations

199 Mt Eden Road
Mt Eden, Auckland

277 Tinakori Road
Thorndon, Wellington