Pricing is tough. Every job is different!

The prices on this page are a base we work from. They are not set in stone, but they should be enough to give you an idea. We are always willing to work within budget constraints, so please make an appointment for a firm quote or to discuss your needs. There is no charge to assess and quote work.

Definition of ‘Annual Service’

This varies from instrument to instrument. Assuming it is a fairly modern instrument and been regularly maintained, an annual service includes:

  • Cleaning the entire instrument, whether through the ultrasonic cleaning machine or with gentle polishing/oiling
  • Adjusting moving mechanisms so that pads cover, valves work, and slides are functional
  • Getting a good seal by fixing minor leaks
  • A good play test afterwards

Additional work is quoted on a case-by-case basis. Parts are extra – usually a few dollars each.

Definition of ‘Overhaul’

This can mean very different things (and prices) to different people. To us this is a complete structural rebuild along with all perishables being replaced. The price can vary a lot depending on the size, age, and complexity of the instrument.

The indicative prices below are based on our definitions of annual service and overhaul.


Alto / Tenor / Soprano Annual Service = $250.00

Baritone Annual Service = $395.00

Often the next level of service requires a strip and clean with some structural work and a few pads. This can run from around $500. An overhaul on a saxophone can run from $2500.


Student Flute (plated closed hole) Annual service = $250.00

Intermediate Flute (solid head / open hole) Annual service = $350.00

Professional Flute (solid tube, open hole, professional pads) Annual service = $495.00

Piccolo Annual Service = $495.00

On all flutes we do a full strip and clean as a matter of course, replacing the head cork, straightening the body, and fitting the tenons. The next level of service generally kicks in as structural issues are dealt with and / or pads need to be replaced. A full overhaul can run from around $1200 for a flute.


Student Clarinet (plastic) Annual Service = $195.00

Intermediate / Professional Clarinet (wooden) Annual Service = $295.00

Bass Clarinet Annual service = $495

On all clarinets we do a full strip and clean as a matter of course. On wooden instruments the wood is conditioned with oil and there is more care to key fitting.  The next level of service is generally required as pads and tenon corks need to be replaced. Cracks or other issues related to the wood are also common. A full overhaul can run from around $1200 for a clarinet.


Trumpet / Cornet / Flugel Annual Service = $125.00

Trombone Annual Service = $125.00

Rotor Trombone Annual Service = $195.00

Alto / Tenor / Baritone Horn Annual Service = $245.00

Euphonium Annual Service = $295.00

Bb / Eb (Small) Tuba Annual Service = $395.00

BBb / EEb (Large) Tuba Annual Service = $495.00

Generally  this includes disassembly of instrument, ultrasonically and chemically cleaning instrument and components, replacing valve felts and aligning valves as required, replacing water key corks as required, testing all tubes for leaks using MAG machine; reassembling, lubricating and test playing. Small parts are extra: typically around $5.00 each. Trombone slide work / dent work is charged separately and will be quoted.

Double Reed Instruments

Bassoon Annual Service = $495.00

Student Oboe (plastic) Annual Service = $295.00

Intermediate/Professional Oboe or Cor (resin or wood) Annual Service = $495.00

This typically involves stripping and cleaning the instrument, brushing off wood, cleaning tonehole chimneys and surfaces, wiping down keys and cleaning pads, removing and cleaning octave tubes, and conditioning the body as required.

Additional work will be quoted on a case-by-case basis. There is no charge for a quote. Parts, including pads, are extra – usually a few dollars each.