Buffet R13 Bb Clarinet


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This Buffet R13 is a fine example of the industry standard professional clarinet. These are all Grenadilla instruments designed with the know-how gained through years of experience crafting professional level instruments. It has been fully serviced and is ready to go for the next player.


  • Key Bb
  • Fingering System Boehm
  • 17 keys, 6 rings
  • Barrel Length 66mm
  • Thumb-rest Adjustable
  • Material Body Grenadilla
  • Keys nickel silver
  • Mouthpiece Buffet



Buffet Crampon is firmly-fixed, through its history and its name, in the tradition of the manufacture of top of the range wind instruments.

Since 1825 the brand has developed around a know-how of exceptional instrument manufacture. This heritage remains the guarantee of recognition of their products “Made in France” and “Made in Germany".

This know-how is complex and valuable because it takes a long time to acquire and requires dedication and patience to pass on.

At Buffet Crampon, instrument makers frequently measure the training period in years. It involves the recruiting of young apprentices who are passionate about the instrument-making profession, ensuring Buffet has the means to pass on to them the taste for the exceptional work and putting them to work with experienced people so that they can gradually acquire and develop the apprenticeship received.

This know-how allows the identity and memory of all the instruments to be forged.

Thus for nearly 200 years, musicians have continued to find artistic excellence and the passion of music with Buffet Crampon instruments. In a collusive and intuitive dialogue with the most renowned artists, the brand’s ambition is to combine tradition with modernity, know-how with creation, history with innovation, in order to offer wind instruments of reference.