Gonzalez Tenor Local 627 Jazz (Price per reed)


vanguard orchestral gonzalez reeds


Gonzalez Saxophone Reeds are precision made and have become recognized for their outstanding quality. Sound, response and consistency result from the highest quality cane and strictest quality control in the industry. The cane used in Gonzalez Reeds is organically grown with no artificial pesticides or agrochemicals.

The Local 627 Jazz Reeds are more flexible and vibrant than the Tenor Regular Cut. Reeds with a larger area of scraping. which gives a brilliant sound and quick response.

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Gonzalez Reeds is one of the leading manufacturers of world-class hand selected clarinet reeds and saxophone reeds as well as oboe cane, English horn cane, bassoon and contrabassoon cane. All the raw materials used in Gonzales’ products are grown at their family plantation in “3 de Mayo” at the foot of the Andes mountains. Their plantation of Arundo Donax is considered the largest in the world.

vanguard orchestral gonzalez reeds

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