Vintage King Zephyr


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Here we have a FANTASTIC horn, a vintage 1946/47 King Zephyr in amazing condition. It’s had a full overhaul in the last 4 years and is playing great. Serial #285xxx

The lacquer is wearing off, (see pics), as is common with older Kings.

King was experimenting a lot around this time and from the research we have done this is a King Zephyr Series 3, which is almost identical to the Zephyr Special, (but without all the cosmetic bells and whistles), and not far off the famous Super 20.

This horn has the 3 ring neckstrap straphook and silver double socket neck.

It has that classic big bold vintage American sound and is SUPER loud, which is probably helped along by the big flat brass resonators.

Comes with a  very sturdy Hiscox case.

More info on King Zephyrs here:

and an informative video here:

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