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About Vanguard;

What You’ll Find and Who You’ll Meet.

Vanguard Orchestral has a solid reputation on the brass and woodwind scene. We produce a high level of work that New Zealand’s music community has trusted for years.  As technicians, we have a meticulous approach. We understand the importance of robust, uncompromising repairs; we’re all active musicians ourselves!

Much of our craft as repair technicians involves problem solving and attention to detail. We constantly encounter new issues and we try to reach solutions in the most logical, instrumentally restorative way possible. We are happiest when our work is invisible.

See our FAQ page here.

What About Quick Fixes?

This can be a tough one! We know that getting your instrument into the best possible playing condition is not always financially possible. Just like fixing a car, fixing an instrument can be expensive. Of course, not everyone has the skill required to repair intricate machines. This ability comes with years of practice, familiarity with tools, seeing beyond face value to the root of the problem, and muscle memory. When you pay a technician, you are paying for the efficiency that only years of practice can give.

In saying that, we’re always willing to try and work within your budget constraints or on specific small tasks. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Details on our prices and approach

Our Approach To Retail

Why Vanguard?

We work a little differently to other retailers. Rather than shelves and shelves of stock, we carry a small selection of essentials. However, we work closely with New Zealand’s major music retailers and can sell anything they do for the exact same price.

Advice From Technicians

We believe personal preference is essential when picking an instrument, as is talking to someone who knows a bit about what they are talking about. Our access to the best brands means more choice for you. For example, if you want to try alto saxophones, Vanguard Orchestral will let you try Yamaha, P Mauriat, Keilwerth, Yanagisawa, Selmer (and more) side-by-side. We won’t push you towards one brand, but we are happy to help guide you through the process.

Please contact us if you want to try some instruments or get advice on purchasing.

Online Shopping!

We have a large range of specialist items which can be purchased from our online shop.

Student discount

We have a 10% discount available on almost everything in store for tertiary music students with a valid ID.

Who You’ll Meet

Brad Teal

Brad Teal

Brad has been repairing brass and wind instruments for over 20 years. He cut his teeth fixing an endless torrent of rental instruments, and then went to Canada to further his training. Upon returning to NZ, Brad founded this business with Elaine Ward quickly building a reputation as having one of the highest repair standards in the country.

Brad, a self-confessed perfectionist, has continued to deliver repairs at a high level for myriad clients – from kids learning their first instrument, to serious students of music, to members of the country’s top orchestras.

Brad has two young sons. He plays alto sax in the Capital City Big Band jazz orchestra and relaxes with whiskey and motorbike rides (not in that order).

David McGurk

Dave has been at Vanguard for over ten years. He started doing admin but now desperately tries to avoid admin and has instead moved to the repair side of things.

Dave works primarily on brass instruments and flutes, although he is increasingly working on clarinets and saxophones as well. To Brad’s relief, Dave is the only person in the shop who enjoys fixing traditional wooden flutes with unusual keywork and sketchy looking pads.

As a busy drummer, Dave is mostly an imposter in the brass and woodwind world, but many horn players have accepted him as part of the herd, like an albino chimpanzee. He plays in several bands around Wellington.