Frequently asked questions

What do you charge for repairs and servicing?

Click here for our pricing structures.

What are your servicing wait times?

At least three weeks. Up to eight weeks leading up to school start times and before school holidays.


If you have an emergency we can usually squeeze something in 🙂

Can you quote my instrument for servicing?

Yes. You don’t need to make a booking – just bring it in. The best time to do this is before 3pm. We are open Monday to Friday.

After quoting we can make a booking to complete the work if you like.

Do you charge for quotes?

We don’t charge anything for verbal quotes.

If you want a written appraisal for insurance purposes, this costs $35.00

Do you buy second-hand instruments?

No, but we sell instruments on behalf for people. We will discuss the price you want, then add a percentage and try to sell the instrument in store. You are welcome to simultaneously try and sell it yourself privately. You can collect it from us any time.

Do you open on weekends?

Sort of. We have somebody here from 11pm – 1pm on Saturdays for pickups, drop offs and retail sales. We can’t quote instruments during this time.