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Every Hercules stand symbolizes a solution; inspired by musicians like you, from all over the world, to give your instrument the respectful rest it deserves. Ground-breaking development, refined construction and leading global function are the three guiding principles of HERCULES STANDS.

These principles guide Hercules' design, development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and worldwide distribution.

Under a philosophy to support music education and community since 1930, KHS Musical Instruments Co., Ltd., has become one of the largest musical instrument producers in the world today. Incorporating some of the fastest growing brands in the industry, KHS can offer a full line of quality instruments to school music programs and individual players.

As a global company, KHS selects the finest materials available and controls all aspects of manufacturing in their state-of-the-art, company-owned factories, ensuring consistently high quality and reliability.

  • Deluxe DS602B Velvet Flute & Clarinet Peg for Hercules Stands

  • HerculesDS410B Travlite In-Bell Trumpet/Cornet Stand

  • Hercules DS460B Travlite In-Footjoint Flute Stand

  • Hercules DS531BB Soprano Saxophone or Flugel Stand

  • Hercules DS640BB Flute or Clarinet Stand

  • Hercules HA100 Mute Holder for 4 Mutes

  • Hercules DS562BB Alto Flute Stand

  • Hercules DS440B Travlite In-Bell Clarinet Stand

  • Hercules DS510BB Trumpet Stand with Bag

  • Hercules DS530BB Saxophone Stand

  • Hercules DS550BB French Horn Stand

  • Hercules DS533BB Alto/Tenor Sax Stand with Soprano Peg

  • Hercules DS532BB Saxophone Stand with Clarinet/Flute Peg

  • Hercules DS431B Travlite In-Bell Alto Saxophone Stand

  • Hercules DS432B Travlite In-Bell Tenor Saxophone Stand

  • Hercules DS535B Baritone Sax Stand

  • Hercules DS420B Travlite In-Bell Trombone Stand

  • Hercules DS520B Trombone Stand

  • Hercules DS730B Tall Alto/Tenor Saxophone Stand with Auto Grip System

  • Hercules DS536B Baritone and Alto/Tenor Stand

  • Hercules DS537B Dual Sax Stand

  • Hercules DS538B Multiple Alto/Tenor, Soprano Saxophone and Flute/Clarinet Stand