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There is a lot of decision-making involved when choosing a mouthpiece on any instrument, and finding the best French horn mouthpiece is no different. We have a small selection on our shelves at Vanguard, and we are always happy to try and track down a particular piece for you – just ask.

Bruce Hembd has written an excellent, in-depth article on how to choose a French horn mouthpiece – click here.

  • French Horn/Cornet Mouthpiece Pouch – 1 Piece (Nylon)

  • French Horn Mouthpiece Pouch – 1 Piece (Neoprene, Black)

  • Protec Mouthpiece Pouch – Small Brass Quadruple

  • Faxx French Horn Mouthpiece

  • Denis Wick Mouthpiece Pouch

  • Bobcat Mouthpiece Puller