Valentino Piccolo Wand


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Valentino Flute and Piccolo Wands are an effective way to swab the inside of an instrument to remove moisture. The design of the Wand helps clean the entire bore including the important (but often ignored) cork plate. The Valentino Piccolo Wand is a two piece unit which when assembled (screwed together) is long enough to swab the instrument without taking the headjoint off. This is important function when swabbing during a performance. When the Wand is disassembled, it fits conveniently in the piccolo case cover. Ideally, store the wetted Wand in an outside pocket in the case cover. This allows the moisture to evaporate without effecting the instrument. Your Valentino Piccolo Wand has a purple colored fabric absorbent mounted to a carbon fiber rod. This allows for high strength while keeping the stick small enough to get into any piccolo.

Cleaning: Valentino Flute and Piccolo Wands should be hand washed in gentle liquid dishwashing detergent and lukewarm water. Washing the fabric of the Wand helps activate the absorbency of the fabric – even on a new Wand. When soaking, make sure that the suds permeate the fabric, then rinse and air dry. Your Wand will be most absorbent when it is clean



valentino logo vanguard orchestral