Rovner MKIII Bass Clarinet Ligature


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The Rovner Mark III Ligatures incorporate an old idea for creating natural sound… softly holding the reed to the mouthpiece with no pressure points, just as if the reed were tied on with a string. Because there are no pressure points or rigid constraints on the reed, the reed seats evenly to the facing of the mouthpiece, thereby reducing stiffness and increasing tonal clarity. These features contribute to the playing characteristics for which Rovner Ligatures are famous; even scales, accurate intonation and excellent control.



Founded in 1974 by Phil Rovner, Rovner Products started with the creation of one ligature, the original Dark, but has since grown to include four "Classic" models, four "Next Generation" models, and the unique Rovner Turbo-Charger Kit. Rovner Products are distributed worldwide and are enjoyed by all kinds of musicians, from beginning students to la crème de la crème of professionals. Although there have been many imitators over the years, the name "Rovner" is well established and deeply respected, and musicians continue to look to Rovner Products for reliability, quality and innovation. But what exactly is it that distinguishes Rovner ligatures from the many look-alikes out there? And what makes the Next Generation ligatures different from the Classic Models?

Everything begins with the design. Phil Rovner's extensive background in mechanical engineering, acoustic technology and music theory combine to support the kind of fertile imagination that, as an inventive problem-solver, is his playground. Deemed worthy of U.S. patents, Rovner ligatures are original and unique, from the proprietary material of which they are made, to the type and quality of hardware they feature, to their specific characteristics and how they interact with the reed. For starters, the Rovner ligature material goes through extensive, multi-step processes and preparation to ensure its durability and to imbue it with energetic response. Rovner hardware is engineered to work synergistically with the ligature body, promoting and supporting its characteristics, and is corrosion resistant. Our first all-metal ligature, the Platinum, is constructed of adurable, highly-tempered, space-age metal alloy, and looks more like a piece of fine jewelry than a woodwind accessory.

When the Rovner Dark was introduced, it broke convention and set a new convention for ligature design and performance. And now we've done it again, making even more exciting, groundbreaking advances with our Next Generation products. While our Classic models continue to satisfy players of every level all over the world, our Next Generation models, with their patented Mass-Loaded Technology™ and unique Resonating Ribs™, offer a more specialized approach. The Next Generation Series allows the player to explore a broad tonal spectrum previously inaccessible with any other ligature. These additional ligature options mean that players can now find the ideal ligature to meet their needs and help them achieve their desired sound. Designed with not only performance but price in mind, the Next Generation ligatures are an extraordinary value, and like the Classic models before them, are durable, high-functioning and long-lasting. Each ligature is handmade inthe U.S.A., and is inspected to ensure it complies with the Rovner uncompromising dedicationto quality. All Rovner Products can be purchased from dealers around the globe, or can be ordered directly from us. Rovner ligatures have also earned the trust of numerous highly-respected mouthpiece and instrument manufacturers, and are included as original equipment on their products.

We've been setting the standards for woodwind innovation for decades, and this much we know: when it comes to factors that affect a player's performance, a ligature is no small thing! At Rovner Products we produce the highest-quality, performance-enhancing ligatures you will find. We'e sold hundreds of thousands of ligatures in our company's lifetime. We thank the many, many players who have remained loyal "Rovnerians" throughout the years, for playing our ligatures, for spreading the word about them, and for providing us with their invaluable feedback and support. We warmly welcome the next generation of young musicians who are only now discovering us and are eagerly joining the Rovner family. Our motto is "Innovation by Desire...Performance by Design." It drives everything we do, and your enthusiastic support tells us that we do it right!

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