Jo Ral Tri Tone Trumpet Cup Mute


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Three distinctive sounds from a single mute — that’s what the Jo-Ral Tri-tone mute delivers. Specifically designed to provide exceptional versatility in artistic expression, this all-aluminum mute includes two felt rings that can be inserted to create different sounds. With one felt ring inserted, the result is a softer, less brilliant sound than the mute alone provides. With both rings inserted, the sound is softened even further.



Every Jo-Ral mute is handcrafted in the US with the same care and dedication you put into your music.

Made of the highest quality products, these mutes create unique, consistent sound across all registers. Whether you’re looking for the darker tone of a cup mute or the more distinctive jazz sound of Miles Davis’ stemless bubble mute, Jo-Ral brings color to your music.

Jo-Ral’s Deep Rooted Musical History

The very first mute was said to be introduced in an orchestral score around the 1600’s, but made its debut in writing as far back as King Tut in the early 1500’s. Fast forward 400-some years to the late 20th century to an inspired trumpet artist, Joseph Alessi Sr. Alessi, who came from a long line of musicians, was hungry for a mute that delivered impeccable sound and playability—so he founded the American mute brand, Jo-Ral. Jo-Ral mutes are designed to surpass the requirements of the ever-evolving music world, and improve the quality of sound for demanding musicians to further their careers.

The Need For A Better Mute

For over 30 years, Jo-Ral has delivered a full line of premium-quality mutes and accessories, and continuously refines its products to maintain the highest level of performance. In fact, the mutes have been time-tested and proven worthy of some of the top tier musicians around the world. From symphonic band, orchestra, jazz groups, and studio sessions, Jo-Ral mutes are truly ‘the mark of a master.’

A Solution Made By Hand

Only the highest quality, hand-spun aluminum is used in the production of a Jo-Ral mute. Manufactured here in the United States, the proper amount of time and care is dedicated to make sure each mute is tested to perform evenly across all registers, creating near-perfect intonation. We even go one step beyond to offer alternative copper and brass bases to push the complexity even further—broadening the musician’s capabilities and delivering truly groundbreaking artistic expression. The bar has been set high, and Jo-Ral is at the helm.