Kooiman Prima Flute Thumb Rest


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The Prima thumb rest has a large plateau for the right thumb, allowing this finger to balance the flute effortlessly. As the thumb relaxes, so can the other fingers. This makes it easier to properly position the hand, enhancing the freedom of movement of the fingers and making technical passages so much easier to play. Simultaneously, the Prima Thumb Rest effectively reduces the pressure of the instrument against the lip.


Ton Kooiman

Ton Kooiman understands the ergonomic issues musicians face: like top athletes, instrumentalists are constantly involved in trying to get the maximum output from the energy and effort that goes into performing on their instrument, while at the same time maintaining a free and natural playing posture and a perfect technique. The Ton Kooiman thumb rest is for both children and adults: large and small hands: for every type of player (amateur or professional). Who would like to play, and continue to play, with less physical fatigue and much improved results.
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