Backun Mouthpieces




Backun mouthpieces are made of high grade rubber and feature unique voicing grooves for added resistance, improved articulation, and reed response.


They are finished to the highest standards using a combination of hand craftsmanship and computer numerically controlled machines. Played on major concert stages around the world.


Camerata – The MoBa Camerata Bb Mouthpiece is an excellent choice for clarinetists performing closed-facing mouthpieces. Many players comment on this mouthpiece being “reed-friendly,” while possessing great control and flexibility. The CRT has a .99 tip opening and is comparable to an M13.


Legend – (Very popular in NZ) With a tip opening of 1.03, the MoBa Legend Bb Mouthpiece features an elegant, ringing quality, balanced by immediate responsiveness. This model is very popular with players of vintage French mouthpieces and is a good starting point if you like the M13Lyre and M15.


Traditional – With similar playability and flexibility of the Legend, the MoBa Traditional, or TRT, allows for a larger column of airflow, which is excellent for solo or large ensemble work. The TRT has a tip opening of 1.09 and is comparable to a 5RV and 5RVLyre.


Orchestra – The Orchestra Bb Mouthpiece has a tip opening of 1.11. Designed for clarinetists with a developed air-stream and embouchure, the MoBa ORT Bb Mouthpiece is ideal for orchestral playing. The ORT is comparable to a 5RVLyre and M30Lyre.


Orchestra plus – Backun’s most popular Bb mouthpiece, the MoBa Orchestra Plus model is the Bb mouthpiece of choice for clarinetists with a developed air-stream and embouchure. These mouthpieces are excellent for orchestral playing, with a tip opening of 1.12. The ORT+ is comparable to an M30 and B45

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Camerata, Legend, Orchestra, Orchestra Plus, Philadelphia, Traditional



Backun Musical was founded by Morrie Backun in 2000. N0w the family name is known around the world for some of the most innovative woodwind products of the last century.

Focused on the future, Backun also looks to the past for inspiration. The first barrel ever made was for Wes Foster, Former Principal Clarinet in the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and a protege of the late, Robert Marcellus. Wes had a vintage Clarinet in need of a barrel. Rather than purchase a stock model, Morrie crafted one from a block of cocobolo wood. Fifteen years later, barrels, and later bells, mouthpieces and clarinets, have grown into some of the most sought-after woodwind products in the world.

Backun's promise of ‘Advancing the Art of Woodwinds’ is not something they take lightly. Every day is dedicated to the craft, using skills and advanced technologies to help musicians reach the highest levels of excellence.

From exceptional aged woods to the purest metals, Backun Musical has become renowned worldwide for its dedication to making the finest woodwind instruments and accessories. Driven by this vision and fuelled by the ever-higher standards of its clients, the company is constantly pushing the boundaries of art and acoustics. Small wonder that it has become the go-to source for woodwind instrument and accessory designs around the world.

While Backun's product line has grown over the years, what has not changed is its commitment to provide woodwind artists with exceptional products and outstanding customer service. Ask any of the legions of artists who play its products, and they’ll tell you why the company's knowledge and proprietary manufacturing techniques are in demand the world over.

From its first to its first clarinet; Backun really is ‘Reinventing the Clarinet One Piece at a Time.’