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The first of its kind: a portable, airline safe saxophone specific emergency repair tool. Made from medical grade steel, aluminum and powder coated for durability.

  • 2mm screwdriver blade (for palm keys and side keys)
  • 3mm screwdriver blade (for right/left hand stack keys)
  • 4mm screwdriver blade (for pivot screws and adjustment screws)
  • spring hook
  • reed leveling tool
  • key chain ring
  • includes travel pouch
  • complies with TSA regulations to be brought in carry on luggage

From Jack at BSS:

In my decade of repairing saxophones there’s nothing worse than getting a frantic call from a player on a gig, session or on tour with a horn that all of a sudden ‘isn’t playing like it did yesterday!’ The cause is usually a minor fix, but made all the more complicated by the fact that there’s no time to run it to a local tech, tools and the only option is some half assed McGyvering to get the sax functional and save the day. Hence, I set out to create a multi tool that would incorporate the most necessary components to put the power back in the players hands.

These tools allow you to easily tighten those pesky rods that always seem to work their way out at the wrong time, fix the most common regulation issues to the G#, reinsert and adjust the tension to springs and level your reeds when they warp to keep you up an running; all in a svelte package that fits neatly in your case or on a keychain and is something I truly believe every player should have.

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Boston Sax Shop

The Boston Sax Shop is a small one-man saxophone repair shop in Boston. Its custom reeds, made by Rigotti in France, have been making waves in the sax world. Vanguard Orchestral is the only store in New Zealand stocking Boston Sax Shop reeds. From owner Jack Finucane:
As saxophone players, we know it’s all about the little things. The details that go unnoticed by almost everyone else. Maybe it’s that extra touch of style, or a thoughtful upgrade in the quality of a single part that’s only tangible to you, but that’s what separates a good product from a great one. At Boston Sax Shop we care about those details and strive to solve problems with each design. We rely on the feedback of the world’s top performing artists and are proud to have many of them as brand ambassadors. For us, it’s about the joy of creating the things we’ve always wanted to see available on the market and holding quality as our highest ideal. We want to inspire you with our goods and prove as an independent brand that we are producing the most innovative saxophone accessories on the planet.
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