CarolBrass C Trumpet 4000 Intermediate


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This heavyweight-style intermediate trumpet is suited to high school and university students. It features full circle hooks on the first and third tuning slides, Amado-style water keys and an additional squared tuning slide for those with that preference.

Carol Brass have been making waves in the brass world lately with their range of inexpensive, yet high quality instruments. A quick Google search shows just how much praise these trumpets have been getting. While these trumpets are priced below most other student models, they surpass the others in quality of build and response.


  • CTR-4000H-YSS
  • Bb or C (Please choose from dropdown Menu. Bb is pictured)
  • 11.70 mm(0.460 in) bore.
  • 127 mm(5.000 in) yellow brass STANDARD/STANDARD bell.
  • Yellow brass leadpipe.
  • Yellow brass inside/outside tuning slides.
  • 1st valve slide ring.
  • 3rd valve slide fixed finger ring with stop screw.


Deluxe multifunctional carrying bag, 3C mouthpiece, cleaning cloth, cleaning rod, valve oil.

Added parts: 1 square main tuning slide.

Additional information


Gold Lacquer, Unlacquered, Silver Plated



Proudly Taiwanese made

A new player on the scene, CarolBrass is quickly gaining a good rep among professionals and students alike. These highly customisable horns pack a high quality and excellent tone into a surprisingly affordable package.

Beginning as a parts manufacturing company for many well known brass brands, this company has quickly grown its own name to a very high standard.

Unmatched Customisation

Nearly everything CarolBrass makes can be custom built to suit a player's personal preference. Models can be crafted from various metals, i.e. yellow brass, gold brass, red brass, phorsphor bronze, nickel silver, hard nickel silver and sterling silver. Fixtures can be jazzy and lightweight or heavy and powerful, and wildly different bells such as the 'Dizzy' or 'Euro' can be added.
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