Faxx Tuba Mouthpiece


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Modeled after the world-famous Helleberg tuba mouthpieces, these FAXX mouthpieces will not disappoint!

FAXX Brass mouthpieces are CNC Machine manufactured to be highly accessible and consistent replicas of popular models and cup sizes, bringing fantastic quality into a price range any player can afford!

Their Helleberg Style series of Tuba mouthpieces are designed after the Helleberg mouthpieces put out by Conn-Selmer, considered to be the most famous tuba mouthpieces in the world. They are silver-plated and available in the popular cup sizes of 120 and 7B.

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18, 24AW



Manufacturer of quality band and orchestral accessories. Faxx offers reliable, safe and effective products which enhance a musicians playing experience. The Faxx mouthpieces were developed as facsimiles of the more common designs at more economical prices. Only the most popular sizes have been reproduced to guarantee the lowest prices possible for these quality mouthpieces
faxx logo vanguard orchestral