Hemke Tenor (Price per reed)


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Crafted from premium grade French Cane and designed by master saxophonist Frederick Hemke. Designed with a shorter vamp for dark tone and a slightly thinner tip for quick response and articulation. Suitable for both classical and jazz.

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Makers of longstanding staple Rico reeds favoured by beginners and professionals alike, D'Addario Woodwinds is a manufacturer of clarinet and saxophone reeds, clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces, ligature and caps, reed guards, reed cases, and care products for all woodwind instruments. Brands include Rico, Royal, Reserve and Select Jazz and provide a full line of woodwind products for all levels from students to professionals.

Stay confident and calm with the most precisely manufactured reeds and mouthpieces in the world, plus straps, caps, ligatures and more. Rico's proprietary reed-making process uses manufacturing machinery designed and built by D'Addario. Its sophisticated cutting, sanding, and inspection technology ensures that each reed contains the finest machined blank.

Computer Numeric Controlled milling sculpts material into a new solid shape, ensuring the highest level of consistency and eliminating variations, creating Rico mouthpieces characterized by a full, robust sound.

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