John Packer JP077 Eb Tuba


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The JP077 Eb Tuba aims to provide well-constructed entry level student instruments at an attractive price but also with a good performance. This instrument clearly has a place in the education system and with training bands and works well not only as a student model but also for the more ‘mature’ player looking for a lightweight tuba. Its performance is comparable with that of many more expensive mini tubas.

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Lacquer, Silver Plate


John Packer Instruments

Born in Somerset in 1951 John Packer took a keen interest in music from a very young age. Along with a talent for music, John is at his happiest when he’s busy.

Being both a musician and trained instrument maker and repairer, John has often consulted on the design of instruments from a number of major manufacturers including Yamaha, Boosey & Hawkes and Schreiber. John used his experience to create a multitude of features on the JP Musical Instruments range.

A successful businessman, grandparent and dog owner, John remains as committed to his company and family as he always has been. He loves a project and never turns down the opportunity to roll up his sleeves and get involved whether with instruments, building boats, or gardening. He has a loyal companion in retired greyhound Scarlett, who’s always by his side.

In 1978, upon completing his apprenticeship with the famous oboe makers Howarth of London, John moved back to the west of England and opened his retail and repair shop. His first instrument, the 'Portland' oboe was launched in 1999. John Packer Ltd became well known in the UK and across the world for its expertise and great customer service, allowing staff and the range of JP brand instruments to grow.

With a loyal team passionate about music, the company has evolved from a small specialist retail store to a global brand recognised in 45 countries with more than 250k instruments in circulation around the world. The day-to-day running of JP Musical Instruments is undertaken by company directors Rob Hanson and Annie Gardner. Our wide range of brass and woodwind instruments are exhibited at world famous trade shows, such as NAMM, Music China, Mid west Band Clinic, Texas Music Educators as well as many of the other State Music Education shows.

With a global dealer distribution network over 45 countries, JP Musical Instruments has established ourselves as a preeminent supplier of student and intermediate brass and woodwind instruments to the education service, bands and professional players from Taunton to Tonga, the Midwest to Moscow, Ireland to Iceland.

Our passion and commitment to customer service and longevity are paramount to our success and growth. All instruments are guaranteed by our comprehensive warranty and our parts are available from our local dealers and approved service centres.

In recent years JP Musical Instruments has formed special collaborations with four prestigious makers; Dr Richard Smith of Smith-Watkins, Michael Rath of Rath Trombones, Paul Riggett of Sterling Musical Instruments and Andy Taylor of Taylor Trumpets to develop a special range of JP instruments.

All our collaborators are synonymous with professional levels of design and performance; widely respected by many within the brass musical instrument community. Many artists at the top of their profession have chosen these top manufacturers; Carol Jarvis, Michael Dease, Brett Baker and Robb Tooley…. amongst many others.

John Packer Instruments logo vanguard orchestral