Keilwerth SX90R 3400 Tenor Saxophone


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The SX90R Gold Lacquered saxophones offer a rich, solid tone that suits the player in any style of music from classical to jazz. Enjoy all of the versatility this model allows with the traditional sound and response of a gold lacquered instrument. Precision engraving and gold lacquered keys result in a high quality and attractive presentation.

Technical specifications

  • Key : Bb
  • Range : Low Bb to High F#
  • Material : German Brass
  • Key buttons : Mother of pearl
  • Palm keys : Adjustable
  • Thumb rest : Metal, adjustable
  • Pads : Leather Pisoni
  • Resonators : Metal
  • Engraving : Laser precision engraved
  • Tone holes : Drawn with Hand Soldered Rings
  • Key and body finish : Gold lacquer

Additional information


Gold Lacquer, Black Nickel, Raw Vintage Brass, Black Nickel with Silver Plated Keywork



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