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The original vintage New York Meyer Alto Sax mouthpiece is the most sought after mouthpiece in history. They have been used by the finest saxophonists since their creation. Today, the Meyer legacy is maintained by jj Babbitt in Elkhart, Indiana where all Meyer Alto Sax mouthpieces are made to this day. However, as the modern Meyer mouthpiece has evolved, many players still seek the vintage New York Meyer mouthpieces in hopes of capturing the absolute most from their performance. This has driven the pricing of vintage New York Meyer’s into the 4 digit price range!

The owner and maker of Meyer, the jj Babbitt Company, has introduced the new “NY Meyer” (New York Meyer) mouthpiece for alto saxophone. The black vulcanized rubber NY model will be produced throughout 2019, the company’s Centennial year. “Adding this new model fills a niche in our popular Meyer lineup,” said Rocco (Rocky) Giglio, jj Babbitt’s president and chief operating officer. “It offers players of all skill levels an opportunity to enjoy the response and intonation that have made Meyer mouthpieces the industry favorite.”

Players have requested an easy-blowing Meyer mouthpiece with superb control and playability. This new model completes the Meyer line and should allow saxophonists to discover what they are looking for both in sound and comfort while performing. “Consistent and careful manufacturing are 100 year-old traditions at jj Babbitt,” Giglio noted. “Other manufacturers have attempted—without success—to copy our exceptional Meyer products. This is the real (New Your Meyer) mouthpiece.”

In pre-release testing, professional musicians agreed the NY Meyer is a classic because of its even response, remarkable consistency, and excellent intonation at all volume levels. They highly recommended the versatile NY as a great value for professionals and students alike. Specific player comments include:

  • “jj Babbit remains one of the few mouthpiece makers still getting it right. While boutique brands focused on novelty items that promise one specialized feature or another, Babbit’s catalog of mouthpieces remains some of the best ever designed.”
  • “I couldn’t get enough of the (New York Meyer) 7Ms.”
  • “Astonishing projection, much more than any alto mouthpieces I have ever played.”
  • “Speaks well with a nice core and wide dynamic range.”
  • “It’s free-blowing and exemplifies the best characteristics of the unique Meyer sound and playing experience.”
  • “The (New York Meyer) took a strong airstream without sounding overblown or losing the basic integrity of the sound. They are centered and easy to control, but also vibrant, colorful, and flexible for a rich subtone in the low register and screaming lead alto in the upper register.”

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Your search for the ultimate mouthpiece ends with Meyer --one of the finest lines of hard rubber and metal mouthpieces available. Easy-to-blow Meyer rubber mouthpieces can be played by almost anyone --from student to virtuoso, making them a top choice of players at every level. Choose rubber in soprano, alto, tenor or baritone; metal in alto, tenor jazz or tenor.

For exquisite playing response and smoothness of tone, these mouthpieces stand alone. Meyer...because there is no substitute for quality.

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