Pearl PFA-201ESU Alto Flute


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The Pearl 201 ESU alto flute comes with E-mechanism, a straight head joint and a curved head joint, both with sterling silver lip plate.

The Pearl alto flute is a truly monumental instrument, as it is the only Alto flute on the market to have our world renowned Pinless mechanism and One-Piece Core-Bar construction. In addition, the hand position is extremely comfortable, and the head joint is responsive with excellent projection. The exceptionally efficient and dependable mechanism is complimented by Pearl’s devotion to exact intonation, wide dynamic spectrum and tonal flexibility.

About Pearl:

The Pearl Company has been an innovator in instrument making for more than 50 years. Professionals as well as their students have unanimously agreed on the qualities of their Japanese handmade flutes. The sound of Pearl combines beauty with brilliance. The craftsmanship guarantees longevity and a flute which is a joy forever.

Features of the Pearl PFA-201ESU Alto Flute:

  • Head joints material: nickel-silver (silver plated)
  • Lip plate and riser material: sterling silver (.925)
  • Body material: nickel-silver (silver plated)
  • Mechanism and keys material: nickel-silver (silver plated)
  • Head joint styles: straight and curved
  • Closed hole keys
  • E-mechanism
  • Offset G
  • C-foot
  • Pointed key arms (French style)
  • Drawn toneholes
  • Pearl Pinless mechanism and One-Piece Core-Bar
  • Product ID’s: Pearl PFA-201ESU

Comes With:

  • Deluxe case
  • Fleecy lined case cover
  • Cleaning rod + white internal cleaning cloth

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Pearl Flutes

Pearl Flutes started as Pearl Musical Instruments and was founded in 1946 in post-World War II Japan by Katsumi Yanagisawa. The company got its start in Tokyo by making music stands and accessories. With the global emergence of musical instrument markets, the company enjoyed rapid growth, and continued to expand its manufacturing capability and company size.

In 1968, to respond to the growing demand for fine flutes, Pearl established its first flute factory in Chiba, Japan, to produce handmade flutes. Although the mechanical design of the modern flute has been established for many years, the craftsmen at Pearl believed that the mechanism could become more elegant and innovative. In 1972, Pearl introduced the first ground breaking “One-Piece Core-Bar”, and soon after, Pearl’s unique “Pinless mechanism”- the first significant refinement of the Boehm flute mechanism in more than 100 years.

Pearl Flutes developed a global growth strategy under the direction of Katsumi’s eldest son Mitsuo. Mitsuo Yanagisawa formed Pearl’s export division in 1957, designed to delivered the finest instrument and of the best global service to the players throughout the world. Pearl became the model many other companies followed. In 1985, Pearl opened a second flute factory in Taiwan with the mission to deliver the finest quality flutes at more affordable prices and to expand the product lineup to include student and step up model flutes.

Pearl Flutes has grown from a very humble beginning that included countless hours dedicated to the perfection of flute making. Today Pearl Flutes is a global brand and the choice of many of the world’s finest artists.

Pearl’s tradition of innovation and outstanding service are the driving factors that propel the company forward to produce the finest instrument for every player.

pearl flutes logo vanguard orchestral