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For more than 30 years, Roberto Romeo has worked closely with many of the world’s top saxophonists, gaining uncommon insight into the art of sound production on the instrument. In cooperation with Rigotti Reeds, Roberto has combined this knowledge with his world renowned creativity and precision craftsmanship to create his personal line of premium quality, affordable saxophone reeds.

Only Rigotti’s finest French cane is selected and precision-cut to meet Roberto’s rigorous standards of sound quallity and durability. The “RW” custom cut gives it a solid core and powerful, even response throughout the entire range of the instrument while maintaining a colorful depth of character not found in other modern reeds.

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2 Hard, 2 Medium, 2 Soft, 2.5 Hard, 2.5 Medium, 2.5 Soft, 3 Hard, 3 Medium, 3 Soft, 3.5 Hard, 3.5 Medium, 3.5 Soft, 4 Hard, 4 Medium, 4 Soft, 4.5 Hard, 4.5 Medium, 4.5 Soft, 5


Roberto's Winds

Founded in 1989, Roberto's Winds has been the go-to shop in NYC for woodwind sales and repairs. Roberto Romeo, who apprenticed with the late great woodwind repairman Saul Fromkin, has worked with many of the leading saxophonists in the world, such as Sonny Rollins, Dexter Gordon, Lee Konitz, Jimmy Heath, George Coleman, Gato Baribieri, and many, many others.

Aside from their world-class repair shop, Roberto's specializes in sales of vintage instruments and mouthpieces, and is home to the famous "Mark VI Room." This room features about 40-50 Selmer Paris saxophones at any given time, from the 1930s through the 1970s.

Roberto's Winds is also home to the "RW" brand of reeds and saxophones.

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