The Silencer – A mute for your mute



‘The Silencer’ plugs into your existing harmon mute to reduce the volume without adding resistance or messing with your intonation. If you already travel with a harmon mute, you can bring the pocket-sized Silencer instead of an extra practice mute.

  • It is quiet (-30 to -40 dB depending on mute type and material)
  • It provides enough feedback to the player to discourage overblowing
  • It does not cause body tension as other practice mutes tend to

The Silencer has been play-tested with the most popular harmon-style mutes on the market such as the Jo-Ral Bubble Mute. The results have been excellent. It is CNC machined and made of high quality aluminum. The finishing process is completed by hand.

The Silencer is used by many leading artists including:

Joey Tartell, Chad Shoopman, Paul Baron, Scott Belck, Vince DiMartino, James Moore, Fred Powell, Jeff Conrad, Greg Wing, John Harner, Jose Sibaja, and MANY more.

“It’s fantastic! The Silencer is so much smaller; it makes it completely ideal for travel. If you’re already traveling your mutes, why pack the extra Silent Brass, or an additional practice mute? It’s really a wonderfully designed product and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough!”

– Eric Siereveld, Professional Trumpet Player

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