Ultra-Pure Formula 1-3 Tuning Slide Oil


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Ultra-Pure Formula 1-3 Tuning Slide Oil is just the perfect weight synthetic oil for your 1st and 3rd tuning slides and triggers (trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, etc.) This oil allows you to make effortless and fast adjustments to pitch. Apply a drop or two each week to the slides

USAGE INFO Remove the 1st and 3rd slides and wipe off any old oil or grime. Put a drop or two of this tuning slide oil on the ends of the slides and put them back into the horn. Wipe off any excess oil. Apply fresh each week for best results.


Ultra Pure

Ultra-Pure Oils makes fantastic valve oils, slide lubes, rotor oils, care kits for brass and woodwinds, and other fine accessories for musical instrument care.

The company started in 1990 with custom blends of synthetic oils to develop the ideal lubricant for valves: Fast, light, and super-smooth with a little silky feel to it. Long-lasting and odorless. No build-up or staining. Fast-forward to today and you can find these great products in fine music stores and online shops the world over.

Ultra-Pure Oils LLC is a family-owned and operated business. We care about the environment and recycle all our waste cardboard, plastic bottles, and any waste oils. Please remember to reuse or wash and recycle your bottle when it is empty.

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