Vandoren B45 Clarinet Mouthpiece


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The Vandoren B45 Clarinet Mouthpiece is the universal mouthpiece. With an intermediate tip opening and a medium-long facing, it is appreciated by most clarinetists. This lyre version has larger tip opening and offers a ‘fleible round sound’.

13 Series (CM4088)

The 13 Series with a Profile 88 Beak is the only style we regularly stock at Vanguard as it is pitched in the New Zealand standard A440 pitch.

Traditional and Profile 88

The difference between Profile 88 (CM3088) and Traditional (CM308) mouthpieces is in the exterior angle of the beak. Therefore, the musician is free to choose the model which suits their purpose in terms of best playing position, easiest sound projection, greatest playing comfort, and the most controllable and precise articulation.

Standard and Lyre

The alternate version of the B45 Lyre is the B45 which we also stock. most Vandoren mouthpieces have a ‘lyre’ and standard version. The best way to think about it is that these are essentially the same mouthpiece but with a slightly different flavour. The tip opening is sometimes more open or closed on the lyre version.

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13 Series with Profile 88 Beak, Profile 88 Beak, Traditional Beak



The Vandoren company was founded in 1905. It quickly became the leader in reeds, mouthpieces and accessories for clarinets and saxophones. Vandoren is exporting today 90% of its production in more than 100 countries, thanks to a know-how and an involvement of every instant.

The Vandoren company is a family business, founded by Eugène Van Doren, soloist at the Concerts Colonne orchestra. Continued by his son, clarinetist Robert Van Doren then by Bernard Van Doren, its actual President. Robert, Bernard’s son, joined the company in 2014.

The historic workshops of rue Lepic in Paris were transferred in the early 90s ito Southern France (Bormes les Mimosas), thus enabling the development, modernization and constant optimization of our manufacturing processes.

The Parisian space were then transformed into Test studios, including a music sheet showroom for clarinet and saxophone as well as a teaching and interpretation room. In addition to our worldwide distribution network, Musician’s Advisory Studios have also been fitted out in Japan (Tokyo), the United States (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles), Europe, and more recently in China.

The Vandoren team regularly keeps informed or participates in the events of our musical friends and to the initiatives related to the promotion of musical practice. Vandojams are also organized every month in jazz clubs, notably in Paris and New York.

Cane is the raw material for making reeds. It is a 100% natural plant that we grow for most of our needs in our cane fields located in Southern France.

The waste resulting from this activity but also from the reed making is fully reused either as compost in our cane fields or to supply the boiler that heats our factory.

Anticipating evolutions, listening to musicians’s needs, constantly optimizing our products is our challenge for more than a century. With a large choice of state-of-the-art products in order to make music fun to play!

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