Yanagisawa Baritone Saxophone B-WO20 – Bronze with Clear Lacquer


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The Professional range offers acoustic and technical qualities without competition in this price range.
The brass used to boil the tube is of the highest quality. The mechanical parts are fashioned with Japanese rigor and adjusted with the precision of a highly experienced team. The result is incomparable.

• Tone: Eb
• Register: The grave at high F #
• Case: rigid with big wheels, shoulder straps backpack

If you want a clear tone, yellow brass (copper and zinc) should be preferred: B-WO1
If you prefer the roundness of the cello, opt for bronze (copper and tin) more copper. B-WO2
The WO Professional offers a feeling of ease in the breath as in the game.

A worthy heir to the B902, the baritone saxophone B-WO2 has many improvements:
• LA key (thumb) more comfortable
• Side skew / cd keys and finger keys right hand more ergonomic
• Changing stacks to optimize intonation
• Upper cylinder head reinforcement
• Great guard right hand
• Repositioned cord ring for comfort
• Harmonic plate on the jar to refocus the sound in the medium and treble registers

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Yanagisawa has become known for their reputation for high quality and hand craftsmanship. The family legacy dates back to 1893 with Tokutaro Yanagisawa repairing woodwind instruments in Japan for military band members. In 1921, the first factory was established for making trumpets and cornets. During this time, Tokutaro would mentor young instrument makers including Kouichi Muramatsu, who would eventually build the famed Muramatsu flute company.

In 1951, Takutaro’s son Takanobu followed in his father’s footsteps to build his first prototype saxophone. During the 60’s and 70’s, Yanagisawa developed and built new models of saxophones including the model B-6 bari saxophone and the S-6 soprano saxophone, the first ever of their type to be built in Japan.

Since 1969, Yanagisawa has become most well known for their innovations in soprano and sopranino saxophones. The first sopranino SN-6 ever built in 1972 now belongs to Sonny Rollins. In 1985, the company released the S-880, the first soprano saxophone with a detachable neck. In 1990, this innovation continued with the S-990, the first saxophone to have a high G key.

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