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CarolBrass 5060H-GSS-L

The CarolBrass 5060H-GSS-L is a great solid professional instrument. Like a solid Bach or Yamaha this aims to complete and be a versatile trumpet like this others with a gorgeous sound to boot.

There is a great video review of this horn by the Horn Trader:

When you’re ready to take a look here it is or pop into the shop to have a play.

Key: Bb

Finishing: Lacquer

Bore: ML 0.460″

Bell: Gold brass & wire rim soldered

Bell size: S 5.000″

Bell thickness: S (Standard)

Leadpipe: “Sterling Silver”

Inner yellow brass/ Outer yellow tuning slide

1st tuning slide fixed finger ring

3rd tuning slide fixed finger ring with stopper screw

Also comes with:

Black Backpacker bag

CarolBrass® 3C motuhpiece

Cleaning cloth (wipe)

Valve oil

Tuning slide grease

Squared main tuning slide

Super thin finger button set