Alexander F/Bb Double Horn – Model 1103


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The Alexander 1103 horn is one of the company’s newest models and is based on the world famous Alexander 103 horn. Alexander horns are some of the most popular double horns of all time and can be heard throughout the world, including in the Berliner Philharmoniker. All Alexander horns are hand-made in Mainz, Germany with flawless workmanship.

Based on the 103, the Model 1103 horn features a larger bell for extra projection and tone whilst achieving reduced resistance within the characteristic ‘Alexander sound’. The thumb valve turns only 60° resulting in a short thumb action. The combination of full Bb and F horns offers the musician great flexibility in intonation and tone. Only a screwdriver is needed to adjust the instrument to stand in either Bb or F. All rotors are activated by silent Minibal linkages, therefore no restringing will ever be needed!

Alexander horns are available in yellow or gold brass, and feature standard or hand-hammered detachable bells (hand-hammered bells have more consistent metal thickness which improves response and projection).

New horns come with an Alexander case, Alexander mouthpiece, set of Hetman oils/grease and pencil clip.


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Gold Brass, Gold Brass Hand Hammered, Yellow Brass, Yellow Brass Hand Hammered;


Detachable, Fixed


Alexander Horns

Whenever it comes to assessing the quality of a musical instrument, a certain factor always comes first – the sound. Musical instruments by Gebr. Alexander have a characteristic sound, which a trained ear easily separates from the multitude of different instruments – the Alexander sound. The balanced, harmonious sound of Alexander instruments has become the benchmark for many brass wind players.

Alexander's master team is working now in the seventh generation since 1782 to enhance the sound and playability of its musical instruments and the craftsmanship of its manufactory in Mainz.

Perfection does not exist, however, Alexander are doing everything it can to get as close as possible to the ultimate musical instrument.

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