Chateau Chambord CTS-50 Tenor Cognac




Chambord CAS-50 Tenor Cognac

A larger bell is designed to increase its volume and resonance for the Chambord 50 series. In addition, the beautiful engraved design and a variety of finishes are also characteristics of this series.


  • Brass Big Bell
  • Ribbed Construction
  • High F#
  • Double Arms on Bell Keys
  • Luxuriant Bell & Bow Engraved
  • Mother of Pearl on Key buttons
  • Pisoni HT Pads

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Cognac, Antique


Chateau Saxophones

Chateau Saxophones are handcrafted from beginning to end. Every process – from shaping, soldering, buffing and lacquering, to assembling – is completed under strict quality controls in our factory. Therefore, Chateau’s saxophones have many great features, such as precise intonation and superior resonant and pure sound. One of the most important aspects is that they are durable.

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