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The Silencer utilizes the harmon mute, which the traveling musician is likely to have with them anyway. With The Silencer in place, the intonation is spot on, the blow resistance is nearly the same as the open horn, and you will have extra room in your mute bag or trumpet case!

– The Silencer is quiet (-30 to -40 dB depending on mute type and material)
– The Silencer provides enough feedback to the player to discourage overblowing
– The Silencer does not cause body tension as other practice mutes tend to
– The Silencer is the original practice aid of this type!

The Silencer has been play-tested with most of the popular harmon-style mutes on the market, each yielding excellent results. The Silencer is CNC machined and made of high quality aluminum. The finishing process is completed by hand.

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