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We generally give people a choice when they buy an instrument from Vanguard Orchestral:

  • A discount on the sale price
  • An initial set-up and a warranty service after 6 months

While the discount saves you some cash upfront, the service option gives you a better instrument to start with and saves you money on servicing long term.



You get the instrument a bit cheaper initially.

Set-up and Warranty Service


It’s a sad fact: no instrument comes from the factory in perfect condition. From plastic clarinets to high level flutes, the hand-finishing needed to make these instruments play perfectly just isn’t done at the factory.

We perform all the adjustments necessary to make an instrument perfect before you even take it home. This may include fine adjustments, replacing pads, sometimes even structural work!

Warranty Service

Like a car doing its first few thousand kilometres, brass and woodwind instruments have a breaking in time. With a car, the engine has a period where everything beds in and requires servicing and new oil. An instrument is similar: the soft pads and mechanisms are being handled in ways unique to the player. A  warranty service ensures that everything is bedding in properly to maximise the life of the perishables. This initial service means there will be less problems during subsequent annual services.

The annual service cost depends on the instrument. See our prices here.

What to choose?

We will always recommend you take the servicing option. You will get an instrument that plays much better and you’ll save money on servicing in the long run.