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  • Welcome To Our New Space
  • Vintage and Pre-Loved Instrument Spotlight
  • Trombone King 3B Repair Spotlight
  • New and Interesting Products
  • A New Phone Number – 022 467 1980

These occasional newsletters are a wonderful process for us to reflect over the past year and anticipate the next. Many of you will have visited our new space, and hopefully been offered a coffee. Dave and I are grateful every day to work in – and welcome you to – such a great new space. Come visit for a coffee and chat! We’re at 320 Tinakori Road, just over the road from the last place.

Double Take Selmer Mark VI’s

We have a bunch of highly desirable vintage and cool instruments in stock currently.

Trombone King 3B Repair Spotlight

On the workbench we see some amazing instruments! Each have their quirks and aspects that often require attention. On this old girl the tubing that receives the slide, and consequently gets a lot of torque, had let go. It has obviously been like this for some time. If the break is not fresh the old solder is usually contaminated and needs to be completely removed before resoldering. Soldering can be compared to painting in that prep is key to a great final job. Once prepped and resoldered it is like new, airtight and once again contributing to the strength of the horn.

New and Interesting Things to Like

New Phone Number

We are ditching the landline and switching to a work mobile number. The new phone number is 0224671980